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Warehouse System Design  •  Engineering  •  Permitting •  Installation Services

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The Benefits of Automatic Storage Retrieval Systems


Storage and distribution warehouses used to be full of forklifts and human workers. The old system would take more time and used up a lot of floor space. Human error frequently created order fulfillment errors and worker injuries. Automation engineers designed ASRS technology to eliminate these common issues.

Implementing ASRS in Your Facility Can Produce a Near Perfect Order Fulfillment Accuracy

Various studies have shown that an automated storage retrieval system has accuracy rates of 95% – 99%. This means that there are drastically fewer mistakes in your outgoing orders than you would experience while using human order pickers. Better fulfillment accuracy saves money on returns and increases customer faith in your company.

Automation can achieve these results by mapping the location of each item in your facility. Inventory levels are also tracked automatically. You will never again have a worker wandering the aisles trying to find items. Your employees receive the correct items for each shipment delivered directly to their workstations.

You Can Save Up to 85% of Floor Space that Would Otherwise Be Wasted in Your Facility

You will be able to significantly narrow the aisle space in your facility when using ASRS instead of forklifts to retrieve the goods stored in your facility. Shelving can rise to heights that would be unreachable for human workers. These changes can increase the storage capacity of your facility by 80 to 85%.

Utilizing these systems can allow shipment and distribution centers to profitably operate in areas where real estate is expensive, especially if there are no vertical height limitations. Even in areas where land costs are low, the increased storage density and faster picking times of an automated system will increase profits.

An Automated Storage Retrieval System Will Increase Ergonomics and Decrease Workplace Injuries

Worker injuries result in reduced staffing and worker compensation claims. When these costs go down, so does your business insurance. ASRS systems eliminate the need for human workers to perform dangerous job duties.

With an automated system, your employees will never have to bend over to pick up items. This is because your worker’s packing station will have goods delivered at waist level. This reduces back injuries and repetitive strain injuries in your workforce.

You Can Fulfill Orders Faster Using Automated Systems

Even the simplest of automated systems work much faster than human workers. The design of more advanced multi-shuttle automated retrieval systems further increases efficiency compared to the original single shuttle systems.

Your warehouse labor needs could decrease by two-thirds when you implement an automated solution. However, you may find yourself repurposing some of those employees to handle the increased packaging.

Take the Time to Research the Different Types of ASRS Systems Before Choosing the Best Strategy for Your Facility

There are many different types of automated storage retrieval systems on the market today. You can move a variety of unit sizes, from pallets to crates and totes. You can utilize a single shuttle system for facilities with simpler needs, but multi-shuttle systems are the answer for high-volume warehouses.

Consultation with an experienced implementation engineer is highly recommended as the next step after you’ve done your online research. The DACO project planning and design team are available to discuss the unique needs of your facility and help you choose the best solution.

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