From warehouses to offices and even retail outlets, businesses in every industry are looking for practical ways to maximize their usable floor space. Mezzanines are elevated platforms that offer an excellent solution for your capacity concerns. These steel structures are custom-built to fit the needs of any space, and they can be installed as either free-standing additions or as extensions to your existing walls. Here are some of the main advantages offered by mezzanine installation.

Significantly More Space

Mezzanines immediately expand the usable area for any facility. Not only do you get to retain all the usable floor space underneath the actual structure, but you get the additional benefit of a solid, all-purpose platform that can be used for storage, production, office space, etc. Whether you need to house pallets and goods, build additional offices, or create a separate area for specific functions, mezzanines can serve your objective. If your facility has a large amount of extra ceiling space then we can even design multi-tier mezzanines that leverage this additional area to its fullest.


Unlike permanent block and beam installations, mezzanines are easy to adjust according to your specifications. At Applied Handling NW, we can plan your mezzanine construction based on the dimensions of your existing space, your situational requirements, the amount of weight that needs to be held, and the overall design of the facility. Standalone mezzanines can even be taken apart and moved if your requirements change.

Efficient and Cost-Effective

Shifting your operations to an entirely new and/or additional facility is a time-consuming and expensive undertaking that requires a substantial up-front investment. By taking advantage of existing, unused vertical space you are eliminating the following expenses:

  • Land acquisition and/or lease costs.
  • Additional property taxes.
  • Extra insurance premiums.
  • Additional energy costs.

Because most freestanding mezzanines are considered equipment and not permanent structures, they qualify for accelerated tax depreciation over a 7 year period versus 39 years for typical construction.

Retail Appeal

It’s not uncommon to display featured products and services more prominently in a retail business. Mezzanines offer a great space for demonstrations, displays and custom areas. While these structures are integrated into your environment, they also offer a degree of separation which can immediately be used to grab customer interest in new and exciting ways.

Mezzanines also provide a great all-purpose area for meetings, cafeterias and other staff-only areas, especially when combined with a modular office.

Support Coordination

It’s not uncommon for warehouses and factory floors to become cluttered with machinery, equipment, materials and packaging. When you’re faced with resource limitations it can be extremely difficult to sort these elements into a consistent layout that actually support critical activities. Ultimately, a disorganized warehouse can extend picking times and accuracy while also increasing the risk of accidents throughout the facility.

With one or more custom-built mezzanines in place, you can start to reassess how your floor space is used by shifting less critical elements to higher locations, so that they don’t disrupt routine workflows for machinery and staff.

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