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Top 5 Benefits of a Warehouse Mezzanine

warehouse mezzanine

Are you finding that you’re running out of room in your warehouse? Maybe your workplace injuries are at an all-time high. Maybe you feel like you just can’t keep eyes on everyone all at the same time.

The solution: a warehouse mezzanine. Besides being an awesome storage solution, there is a slew of other benefits a mezzanine can provide. Keep reading to learn all about why you might need one of these in your workspace.

Increased Storage

Next time you’re standing in the warehouse, look up. Look at all that empty space between the floor and the ceiling that’s not being utilized.

Now, look around you. How much square footage do you have left in the warehouse? You could probably use more, right?

Storage mezzanines are one of the most common applications of a mezzanine structure, and with good reason. They’re an excellent way to save space on the warehouse floor, creating more room for daily operations. You can breathe easier with a storage mezzanine.

They’re Flexible

Another awesome plus of an industrial mezzanine is how flexible they are. Since they can be broken down and moved to a different area of the warehouse should your needs change, they’re able to adapt to changing work environments.

You can also use them to store things that are not used or shipped as frequently up and out of the way. Think of warehouse mezzanine systems like a garage. It’s holding things you can’t get rid of, but that aren’t used enough to merit storage in the house.

Warehouse Mezzanines Allow Creative Use of Space

How many offices does your warehouse have, if any? Probably just one.

But if you’ve got more than one administrative team member working in the warehouse, that’s not always enough. Another office isn’t usually deemed more necessary than more storage, though, and won’t be allowed to take up more square footage.

Why not have both? If you think of warehouse mezzanine systems as big lofts, you can put the space beneath them to good use. You could build out a second office, or even tuck away large machinery and ladders.

They Increase Safety

If you’re a foreman or in another position of leadership in a warehouse, you probably understand how important safety is. Preventing injury can be difficult, though. Doesn’t it sometimes feel like you want to have eyes on all your employees all the time?

A mezzanine can give you just that. Get a bird’s eye view to ensure everything’s operating smoothly in every corner of the warehouse.

The added storage also lessens the chance that over-stacked boxes or product will topple over, that could lead to harmful injuries.

They’re an Inexpensive Solution

Running out of storage in your warehouse can cause a panic. What’s the solution?

An expensive add-on? Renting an entirely new warehouse space for additional storage?

While these are certainly solutions, they’re costly solutions. Stay put and add more storage simply and easily with a warehouse mezzanine system.

Your Warehouse Mezzanine

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