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Automated guided vehicles offer multiple business benefits, ranging from safety to financial. There are a variety of industries that can benefit from using an AGV, including warehouses, hospitals, and the food & beverage industry. There are varying styles of automated guided vehicles that can meet the needs of a business. Let’s take a look at these types of vehicles and what benefits these bring to companies.

Types Of Automated Guided Vehicles

Before we get into the benefits of AGVs, let’s review the types of AGVs you can choose from.

Masted – these resemble manual truck lifts and can be fitted with truck attachments for operation

Unit load – these AGVs sit under things like conveyor belts and get filled with product in that manner

Tow Vehicles & Carts – these can tow carts of product around your facility

Customized AGVs – pieces are custom-fitted to meet an individual’s needs

Automated Guided Vehicles Help Improve Workplace Safety

Using an AGV in your facility is a considerable upgrade in safety for your employees. Since AGVs drive and load materials without human intervention, you help keep employees safe. It isn’t possible for them to be injured from loading, driving, or unloading these machines if they aren’t interacting with them. This also helps save companies money by reducing the need to pay for Workers’ Comp claims and medical bills.

These Vehicles Help Decrease Labor Costs

As is the case with automation, there is not the need for a human to operate the vehicle. This means facilities can hire fewer people. These machines lead to across the board savings in both labor costs and benefits. If you utilize more AGVs, you can hire fewer people and have higher productivity.

AGVs Help Your Business Improve Efficiency And Accuracy

It is possible to link your AGV to your inventory system. When this type of software is utilized, it increases the accuracy of your warehouse inventory. Since the AGV is deducting the items from your inventory, you don’t have to entrust this to a human employee. This improves the accuracy and efficiency of your warehouse. With a more accurate inventory count, you can better determine when to reorder materials.

AGVs Help Reduce Damage Caused To Structures

When a person drives a forklift or other type of vehicle in a warehouse, accidents can happen. The vehicle could hit a wall (for example), and in turn, cause damage to the structure of your building, the driver, and the vehicle itself. AGVs eliminate that risk, in turn saving your business valuable dollars. Many clients have found appreciable savings in product & container damage reduction as well.

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