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There are many different ways to reduce labor costs and improve productivity in your commercial or industrial business. However, many business owners don’t consider that having the right space-saving solutions in place can be one of the best methods available.

Not only are the space-saving products at Applied Handling NW a cost-effective option for organizing your facility, but they also save you money by streamlining your operations and improved organization.

If you’re trying to decide which space-saving solutions are the best options for commercial businesses, we’ve got a few suggestions that are sure to help you out.

Metal Shelving Units

Not all metal shelving units are created equally, but what they do have in common is that they’re all great space-saving solutions!

Metal shelves are fully customizable to fit the individual needs of your company. From archiving records to storing tires in an auto supply store, measurements can be adjusted for optimal efficiency.

Their shelves provide easy access and visibility of products, supplies, and records; plus, they’re one of the most budget-friendly options available. What’s even better, however, is that they are simple to put together!

Warehouse Pallet Racking

Where commercial space-saving solutions are concerned, the various types of pallet racking on the market are some of the most popular options amongst business owners.

These units make the most of your facility’s square footage by providing increased vertical storage. They’re also available in several different styles that are excellent for either short-term or long-term storage needs.

These systems are great options for industries, such as food distribution, manufacturing, distribution, and lumber companies. They also come in several different varieties, such as:


Do you ever notice how much wasted air space there is within commercial and industrial facilities? That’s why Applied Handling NW is proud to be a leading provider of high-quality mezzanines.

Whether you need additional storage, display areas, additional production space, or elevated office or viewing areas, mezzanines can be constructed to meet a variety of wants and needs. They’re often used in production areas, universities, locker rooms, and offices.

They can also be built as a

  • Freestanding Structure
  • Combined with a Modular Office on top
  • Racking or Shelving Supported

Modular Offices

It’s not uncommon for businesses to suddenly find themselves needing increased office space, floor supervisor offices, break or conference rooms.

Unfortunately, however, building onto your location is not always an easy or economical solution—that’s where modular offices come in! These space-saving solutions are ideal options for companies that need increased office space for personnel, clean rooms, guard houses, or PPE screening booths.

They come in a wide variety of cost-effective styles and can be designed to meet your business’s individual needs.

Learn More About Our Various Space-Saving Solutions

Before you jump into looking for a brand-new commercial location, why not consider ways to make the most of your current space? At Applied Handling NW, we’re proud to offer a broad range of space-saving solutions to help you out. No matter what your facility needs or which industry you work in, we have all the options you’re looking for.

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