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The Ultimate Guide to Mezzanines – Part 2

industrial mezzanines

(This article is Part 2 of our The Ultimate Guide to Mezzanines. Click HERE to read Part 1)

Why Should Industrial Mezzanines be Installed and Used?

industrial mezzaninesContrary to popular belief, storage is not the only reason why industrial mezzanines are used and installed in so many factories and warehouses across the globe. Even though mezzanines make for great areas for the storage of almost all types of objects and items in factories and warehouses, there are a number of other benefits that industrial mezzanines offer.

One of the greatest benefits that industrial mezzanines offer in addition to increased storage space is that they are customizable and can be used according to your needs and preferences. What this essentially means is that since there are several options available for the types of structures that mezzanines are based on, including free-standing, building supported, rack or shelving supported, or catwalk.

The number one benefit that industrial mezzanines provide is that they can turn the unused vertical space in your building to usable space for any number of needs. Since mezzanines can help provide additional spaces for placing and storing products and items, the need for renting out or leasing extra space for the storage of your products, can be eliminated.

The installation of mezzanines also helps considerably with inventory management, especially when installing a shelving or rack supported mezzanine. Due to increased visibility and accessibility, managing your inventory becomes far easier than it would be otherwise. Because of the additional storage space created, you will now be able to store all of your goods in a single location, instead of renting out secondary locations in order to get the job done.


In addition to their benefits in terms of storage and inventory management, industrial mezzanines can also help save construction and other costs that may otherwise be incurred for expansion of your warehouse or facility that you are using for the storage of your products and items. Being one of the most efficient one-time investments of the industrial sector, mezzanines are not only cost-effective, but also offer immense flexibility and can be used conveniently for scalability as well.

What Needs to Be Done for the Installation of An Industrial Mezzanine?

While industrial mezzanines offer many advantages, the fact remains that a lot of preparation and thought needs to go into the design and installation of a mezzanines in any building or structure.

When installing an industrial mezzanine, it is extremely important to know exactly why you’ve reached this decision. Whether you’re interested in installing a mezzanine due to lack of storage space, the need for additional production space, or additional office space, it is imperative for you to understand your goals and objectives entirely before you actually get started with the design and installation process.

Once you have figured out the reason for addition of a mezzanine, it is important for you to determine where in the building you’d like the mezzanine to be located. The purpose behind the installation of the industrial mezzanine and its exact location in the building will also help you understand the type of mezzanine that will work best for you based on all of your preferences.

industrial mezzaninesAfter deciding on the type, location, and purpose of the installation of the industrial mezzanine, you will need to determine the capacity requirements of your mezzanine and understand how they can come into effect. Additionally, it will also be much easier for you to understand and do whatever is necessary for the permitting that will be required in order to install a mezzanine in your factory or warehouse. Since the building codes and permit requirements differ county to county, city to city, or even state to state, it is crucial for you to have your requirements figured out beforehand to ensure that you don’t face any problems down the road that could have been avoided with a little planning.

Even though mezzanines are a great way to add value to your factory or warehouse, it is essential for you to consult a professional material handling equipment provider to assist with you with design, building codes, permits, and installation. This is primarily because there is a lot that needs to be taken into account when you are designing and installing a mezzanine, and you want to make sure that your mezzanine will fit all your needs and requirements.

Additionally, professionals may also be able to direct your attention towards certain factors and metrics that you may not have considered at all. Professionals like those at DACO can not only help you understand all of the intricacies involved in industrial mezzanines, but they will also help you assess all of the factors involved to help you make informed decisions and choose the best type of mezzanine for your needs.

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