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Vertical Lift Module’s (VLM) and How They Can Increase Your Productivity


No matter what type of commercial or industrial business you’re running, it’s crucial to outfit your warehouse or facility with quality machinery and devices that will provide the best value and return for your money.

There are many different types of commercial storage systems available, but what if you could purchase an innovative device that saves space, improves workplace safety, and enhances your employees’ productivity? If this sounds appealing, it might be time to start considering the vertical lift modules (VLM) at DACO.

These innovative devices are among the most useful and beneficial options a business owner could choose for their company.

If you’re trying to figure out whether they’re right for you, there are so many good reasons the answer is yes!

How Does a Vertical Lift Module Work?

Did you know that traditional storage systems take up approximately 90% of the floor space inside many factories, warehouses, and facilities? With vertical lift modules (VLM), on the other hand, you’ll receive easy-access storage that takes up a fraction of the space their alternatives do.

These cutting-edge products consist of a vertical tower with two enclosed columns of trays. These storage systems can be built up to 46’ high.

When using the system, employees will input the particular product they’re looking for. It will be collected from the corresponding tray and conveniently delivered to the machine’s pick-up window. The systems can be used to store a large variety of different products, goods, and materials.

How Can a VLM Device Increase the Productivity of Your Business?

Consider for a moment the amount of time your employees spend running across your facility to locate various products and materials from traditional storage systems. Now consider what it would be like to approach a central storage device and retrieve every item you need in one convenient location. A situation like this is only one way that vertical lift modules can enhance commercial and industrial businesses’ productivity.

It’s been said that these state-of-the-art devices have the potential to increase the productivity of employees by up to 2/3rds. This is a significant number when you’re considering the amount of time you’re currently spending on daily operations.

Convenience isn’t the only way VLMs help, however. There are also several other benefits, such as:

  • They’re a more ergonomically-friendly storage solution that ensures employees are more comfortable and performing better.
  • VLMs can improve the inventory protocols in your facility. This means less time taking inventory and increased time on other more essential tasks.
  • They’re a safer storage solution, which means less time spent trying to figure out problems, like missing products and materials.
  • A VLM device will improve the accuracy of your operations, thus streamlining your overall processes.
  • With this incredible space-saving device, you’ll have more floor space available for other time-saving equipment.

What Other Benefits Come with Vertical Lift Modules (VLM)?

While most employees would be satisfied with the increases to workplace productivity alone, the benefits of a vertical lift module storage system don’t end there.

These high-tech systems also perform additional tasks like reducing labor costs for employees and improving safety conditions.

Did you know, that nearly 420,000 of the annual workplace injuries noted by OSHA stem from back injuries? Many of these occurred while pulling and reaching for items on traditional commercial storage systems.

Since VLMs deliver the product right to you, extra exertion isn’t necessary to collect products and materials.

By reducing the number of time employees spend searching for products and running back and forth, you’ll be limiting the overall labor costs.

Learn More About How Vertical Lift Modules Can Improve Your Company’s Productivity

Most business owners are continually looking for ways to improve the processes inside their commercial or industrial companies. Often times, this requires some type of new device that will help their employees seamlessly complete their daily work.

If you’d like to improve the overall safety, costs, and productivity of your business, the vertical lift modules (VLM) at DACO are one of the most beneficial options on the market.

Not only will your employees thank you for the convenient new processes, but you’ll be grateful you took a positive step to smooth out the daily procedures and operations of your business.

Don’t settle for just any traditional storage system. If you want the high-tech solutions, inventory accuracy, and stress-free convenience your business deserves, there’s no better option than our top-rated collection of vertical lift modules.

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