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Vertical “Lift” – Verical Storage Solution

Modula’s Vertical LIFT is a solid vertical storage solution for companies of all kinds to store their industrial products, components and spare parts.  Their superior design, flexibility, and ease of use will allow your facility to improve its organization and workflow.   These vertical lift modules come in a wide range of models to fit your specific needs.

These VLM’s can be used stand-alone, or can be combined with Modula’s warehouse management system software (WMS), to better manage the space and utilization of units.  This will allow you to increase your productivity even further.

A wide range of options and accessories are also available, that will help to increase speed, improve ease of use, and increase productivity in your operations.

Modula’s VLM’s allow companies of all kinds, including shop floors, distribution centers, and manufacturers of all kinds, to reclaim much of their previously used space, while at the same time, improve the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of their picking operations.

Benefits of Modula LIFT

  • Increases your storage density, by recovering floor space.
    • Brings materials quickly and ergonomically to an accessible level for your operators.
    • Reduces picking times.
    • Keeps stock levels and inventory under control.
    • Integrates easily into your company processes, by communicating with any ERP system.
    • Tracks picking and restocking operations, controls who has access, and logs their activity.
    • Operators are guided through the entire process, eliminating picking and restocking errors.

154,500 lbs. of gross unit load capacity, 9,050 sq.ft. of traditional storage, in only 150 sq.ft.

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