Warehouse System Design  •  Engineering  •  Permitting •  Installation Services

Warehouse System Design  •  Engineering  •  Permitting •  Installation Services

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Warehouse System Design  •  Engineering  •  Permitting •  Installation Services

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Warehouse Management System (WMS)

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The Future of Warehouse Management

Modula warehouse management system software (WMS) is designed for use with automated storage equipment, such Modula’s vertical lift modules, as well as conventional storage methods such as shelving and manual picking.

This software is a great complement to all of Modula’s VLM’s, adding an extra level of inventory management, but can also be used as a stand-alone software tool for any size of warehouse.  Real-time warehouse management is made available by using an easy PC interface, which can easily be adapted to your existing company software systems.

WMS allows you to optimize your order management, by speeding up order execution times for both picking and restocking operations, all while completely tracking and tracing, who, when, where.  Whether you are a first-time user, or experienced, the software is designed for an intuitive and easy to use experience.

Benefits of Warehouse Management System (WMS)

• Automation of repetitive procedures and tasks.
• Material movements are well planned.
• Picking and restocking errors are reduced.
• Required paperwork and processes are substantially reduced.

Modula Products are Proudly Made in the USA

Why Modula?

Thanks to the two American production sites (102,000 Ft.2  in Lewiston (Maine) and over 189.500 Ft2 in Franklin (Ohio) of production, engineering space). Modula and its network of authorized dealer are able to  offer the full range of products with the fastest deliveries in the market.

In a few words, Modula is the only provider in the US to offer flexibility in its “quick production” program. Unlike competitors who can only expedite the machines they have in stock, Modula can supply the exact unit required for its clients’ operation with the entire range of sizes and models.