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Warehouse System Design  •  Engineering  •  Permitting •  Installation Services

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rack supported structures

Rack Supported Structures

rack supported structures


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Rack Supported Structures, also referred to as Rack Supported Buildings, not only act as an efficient method for storage, but they play double-duty by actually supporting the skeleton of your building. The pallet racking is then covered with skin or walls to protect the interior of your building from outside elements.

Since you don’t have to construct your facility and then install pallet racks, you can combine construction and warehouse storage expenses, saving you money and time. Because your warehouse’s framework and the pallet racking are built together as one structure, it affords a wide range of advantages over conventionally built structures.

Advantages of Rack Supported Structures

  • Shorter installation time.
  • Optimizes Space utilization while minimizing footprint (storage/sq. ft.)
  • Lower initial construction costs.
  • No building columns to interfere with your storage.
  • Utilizes maximum vertical storage capacity, as the pallet racking runs all the way to the ceiling of your warehouse.
  • The system may qualify for accelerated depreciation.

Ideal Applications for Rack Supported Structures

Rack supported buildings can be utilized in manufacturing, warehouse and distribution facilities in an unlimited number of ways. These are some of the many ideal applications for rack supported structures:

  • Freezer or cooler exterior structures
  • Maintenance shops
  • Climate controlled storage warehouse
  • Drive-thru building materials storage
  • High-density dry storage
  • Lumber storage
Apple King

Rack Supported Building Project

This was a large scale project we worked on for Apple King of Yakima, WA. Complete design and installation for a Rack Supported Cooler, shipping dock with office and a mechanical room.

Client: Apple King

Needs: Rack Supported Cooler, Shipping Dock and Office, and Mechanical Room.

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Rack Supported Coolers & Freezers

By extending the upright frames to the ceiling and using specifically designed panel support beams, we can easily support a drive-in cooler or freezer of any size. These systems can be designed as internal or external refrigeration buildings or may serve as an addition to an existing building.

DACO can be your single source supplier for the entire system: structure, refrigeration panels, sprinkler system, and electrical.

  • Interior coolers or freezers are designed and built as independent structures
  • Roof support beams are specifically made for refrigeration panels
  • Flat roof and pitched roof available
  • Can attach to an existing building
  • Turnkey buildings including lighting, electrical, and sprinklers.
  • The buildings can be supported by any type of racking

Cantilever Rack Supported Structures

T-Shed Rack Supported buildings provide the least expensive alternative for covered yard storage. The center column supports steel trusses that extend beyond load arms to provide shelter from sunlight and moisture. T-sheds can be supplied with a single or double-sided roof structure.
Drive-Thru Single or Multi-Lane Rack Supported Buildings protect customers and inventory from inclement weather utilizing trusses to support a roof structure supported by columns.

  • Protect customers and inventory
  • Perfect for lumber or plywood storage
  • Can be supplied with or without roofing materials
  • Can be built in stages as your needs grow
  • Columns as high as 48′
  • Footing or concrete slab design assistance available

Important Considerations to Make

There are a number of important things you should take into consideration when deciding whether rack supported buildings are suitable for your warehousing needs:

  • Since the pallet rack system is built into the structure of your facility, you cannot rearrange itlater.
  • Rack supported structures work best in facilities for storage purposes only. If your operations need to include other types of processing or manufacturing areas, it may not be the right solution for you.

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