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Are you apart of a cannabis operation? Whether your cannabis operation grows, processes, or distributes cannabis — or all of the above, there is a wide range of warehouse solutions available that can help you optimize, organize, and grow your business.

As a competitive business, it’s important to make sure to uncover your hidden occupancy costs to properly maximize your warehouse space. Once you’ve identified your opportunity areas, you can begin implementing solutions to help you maximize your space and your profits.

Just like any other business, cannabis operations can benefit from implementing intelligently-designed warehouse solutions that are designed to optimize space effectively, such as modular offices. If you haven’t looked into this innovative solution for your cannabis business, now might be the time.

What Is A Modular Office?

A modular office is a cost-effective warehouse solution that tends to your growing administrative, production, and/or storage needs. Unlike other stick-built office solutions, these custom structures are highly flexible and adaptable for your needs.

Modular offices are able to be constructed as a single-story office or a two-story complex, or can be constructed in conjunction with a mezzanine underneath and putting your modular office on top of it to maximize your space underneath.

There are many different uses for these unique, innovative structures, including administrative and operations offices, clean rooms and environmental enclosures, machine enclosures, shipping and receiving area offices, guardhouses, prefabricated buildings, and more.

Modular Office Benefits

Modular offices are a great way to maximize your warehouse’s square footage by thinking and building vertically. As a two-story structure, this system can allow you to utilize double the space. They can also relocatable and adaptable to your growing needs since they are non-permanent.

They are a cost-effective, economical solution that is easy and quick to install. It requires a small upfront cost and doesn’t require additional rent or leasing fees, unlike other office spaces. You also won’t have additional energy bills and taxes for separate facilities, etc.

Uses In Cannabis Operations

Cannabis operations can utilize this unique structure solution in many ways that are similar to other businesses. They are a great option for use as clean rooms or environmental enclosures to suit cannabis processing requirements, such as maintaining specific temperatures, being free of contamination, and set at a specific humidity level.

They can also be a great solution for administrative and operations offices when you have a growing need for processing space within your warehouse but also need to make room for employees to sit down at trimming tables. They are also useful for cannabis shipping and receiving areas and cannabis processing machine enclosures.

Get Started Optimizing Your Space With A Modular Office Today

Are you interested in using modular offices in your cannabis business? When you’re a growing cannabis operation, you need solutions that help you optimize your space so that you can continue growing at the pace that you desire. Say goodbye to inefficient operations and cramped spaces, and say hello to modular office solutions.

If you need help designing the right modular office for you or figuring out how this solution can be utilized best in your business, get in touch with the team at Applied Handling NW today. We are your partner in maximizing your business space and helping you achieve the growth you desire.

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