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The warehouse storage industry is growing.


In fact, employment in the industry has been growing at a pace 3-4 times the rate of most other non-farm jobs in the US.

But you know what’s not growing?

Our warehouses.

In lieu of buying more space, make the most of the space you already have to maximize efficiency. It’s always possible to squeeze a little more in.

If you want to increase the efficiency of your warehouse, check out these warehouse storage tips we’ve compiled for you.

Build Up, Not Out

Acquiring new warehouse space is more expensive than simply the property and the building. You have to consider utilities and logistics as well. Moving stock between two locations is a pain.

Make the most of the space you already have. Any empty space in a warehouse is wasted space.

Ere go, vertical storage solutions are your friend.

Warehouses are tall buildings, so use every inch of that space. There are many solutions to help you utilize your unused vertical space.

It’s also easier to reach containers stored up than it is to reach containers stored in – so prioritize height over depth.

Consider Mobile Shelving

Nothing beats the space efficiency of mobile shelving – it allows you to store the same amount of goods in 50% of the space. Admittedly, it’s true that mobile shelving can make it slower to reach some of your inventory, as it does not allow for immediate access to all goods being stored, but if that is not a requirement, it offers a great space savings.

Build Up

These affordable, modular offices allow you to create additional supervisor, office, storage and production space within your existing footprint by building up, while minimizing workflow interruption.

Modular offices can be integrated into almost any part of your warehouse – even on top of, or underneath, a mezzanine.

Mezzanines are a platform that also utilizes unused vertical space, creating additional vertical storage or production space both underneath and on top of the mezzanine.

Warehouse Storage Tips aren’t a Substitute for Proper Planning

Also known as: Plan for the future, not the present.

Raise your hand if you want your business to remain the exact same size as it is now.


That’s what I thought. In the storage business, you’re planning long-term.

And I don’t just mean up to the holidays.

Assume your business will double. Assume it will triple. It’s not enough to have the capacity for your current inventory. You need to be able to take advantage of opportunities as they come – no matter how far in the future they are.

This applies to the planning of a new warehouse as well as the modification of your current ones.

Invest in your future now to save costs and headaches in the long-run.