Are you, like many companies, running out of warehouse storage space and looking for ways to increase space, without having to expand your existing building or even relocate? If so, don’t fret, there are many ways you can increase your storage space, without having to move or expand your existing facility. Let’s explore them…

Industrial Metal Shelving – simple or intricate shelving systems can be designed to store your goods and allow you to be more organized & efficient, while creating additional storage space. They can be custom designed to fit your specific dimensional and weight requirements, and because metal shelving is sturdy, flexible and versatile, it can also be used as the foundation for mezzanine systems.

Pallet Racking – incorporating a professional pallet racking system, that utilizes unused vertical space, can help you create an efficient, safe and clean source of bulk storage in your warehouse. There are many different types of pallet racking available, depending on the nature of the goods needing to be stored, how often you are needing access to them, and how many different types of goods need to be stored.

Mezzanine Systems – create the extra space you need, by maximizing the cubic area of your existing facility and building up to add a second or third level; turning your unused vertical cube into productive space. Mezzanines can be designed around existing equipment, building columns and other obstructions to fit your area exactly. An added benefit is that they usually qualify for accelerated tax depreciation, as they are considered equipment.

Modular Offices – provide a custom space solution that can be designed as a single or two-story building, that is built within your existing facility, allowing for more efficient use of your existing square footage. In the case of a two story building, it utilizes unused vertical space and can even be built on top of a mezzanine, which would then allow for storage underneath the mezzanine as well. Modular offices can be used to create additional and defined areas for:

  • Processing Areas
  • Break Rooms & Cafeterias
  • Conference Rooms
  • Administrative and Foreman Offices
  • Clean Rooms
  • Sound, Paint & Dust Enclosures

Warehouse Redesign

Poor warehouse design can obviously lead to a lot of storage complications. However, instead of moving or expanding, you can create additional operating and storage space by internally changing your warehouse design and even incorporating one or more of the above storage solutions. For guidance on how best to redesign and utilize your existing space, it is best to consult a professional material handling expert that specializes in warehouse design and system solutions.