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What Are Industrial Cranes & Hoists And How They Are Beneficial

cranes and hoists

Cranes and hoists are often used in industrial settings with heavy loads when precision is key. A crane is used to move the heavy load from one place to another in various directions, and a hoist is used to raise or lower the load from one place to the other. Safety is critical when moving heavy loads and using cranes and hoists.

You can typically see cranes and hoists in construction sites or in industrial settings. There are many different types of industrial cranes, hoists, and trolleys available; each has its own benefits and meets the needs of various applications.

Industrial Hoists & Trolleys

Industrial hoists and trolleys are utilized for lifting, lowering, and relocating high-capacity loads quickly and effortlessly. They can be used manually, electrically, or pneumatically, and they will use either chain or wire rope. A lifting hook attaches to the load, lifting it and relocating it.

There are many styles and weight capacities available, including manual chain hoists and trolleys, air chain hoists and trolleys, electric wire rope hoists, electric chain hoists and trolleys, and below-the-hook devices.

Manual Chain Hoists & Trolleys

DACO offers manual chain hoists and trolleys from Harrington with the LB Series of Lever Chain Hoists, CF Series Hand Chain Hoists, and NTH Series Trolley Chain Hoists. They are used for heavy-duty construction work, mining, manufacturing, shipbuilding, and more, and can also be utilized for lifting loads in tight quarters.

Air Chain Hoists & Trolleys

We also provide Harrington’s AH Series Mini Cat Air Chain Hoists, TCR Series Air Chain Hoists, and AS Series Spark Resistant Air Chain Hoists to meet a wide range of applications. They allow for complete load control, increased productivity through high-speed lifting, and more. The AS Series is perfect for grain handling and storage, pharmaceutical processing, paint booths, chemical or petrochemical processing, and many other applications.

Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Another option is electric wire rope hoists and we feature the RH Series Wire Rope Hoists. They are great for use in small spaces, offering a wide range of capacities, a heavy-duty fan-cooled motor, and outdoor use.

Electric Chain Hoists & Trolleys

DACO also offers the (N)ER Series Electric Chain Hoists that provide low headroom and a lightweight body with a fan-cooled motor, suitable for harsh indoor or outdoor environments and allowing for extremely heavy capacities. The NER/ER Series Cylinder Control Electric Chain Hoists have a few additional features and are more ergonomically friendly, perfect for repetitive tasks.

Below-The-Hook Devices

Below-the-hook devices accompany your hoists and allow you to customize them to fit your needs and applications. They come in a wide range of styles, including lifting beams, spreader beams, roll lifters, coil lifters, tongs, sheet lifters, and pallet lifters.

Industrial Workstation Jib & Bridge Cranes

Industrial workstation jib and bridge cranes are often utilized in manufacturing, distribution, beverage, newspaper, automotive, steel, chemical, and paper businesses. They are commonly used in assembly areas, warehousing, transportation, and storage.

Jib cranes support hoists, air balancers, tool balancers, welding equipment, and are great for small work areas. They have a floor-mounted rotation of 200 degrees or 360 degrees, depending on the style, and can hold up to 1,000 pounds, spanning up to 16 feet. They can typically be placed and mounted on standard concrete floors.

Bridge cranes are commonly referred to as overhead cranes, and they include parallel runways with a traveling bridge to span a gap while a hoist travels along the bridge. They can be floor-mounted or ceiling-mounted. Capacities range from 150 pounds to 4,000 pounds, and a bridge length can be up to 34 feet. Mixed capacity systems are available and they are low cost while easy to install.

There are many benefits to workstation jib cranes and bridge cranes, including accurate positioning, reduced product damage and labor costs, lower maintenance costs, flexibility, ergonomics, adaptability, and more.

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